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Layaway Programs Let You Forget About Credit Cards

Vacations, Cruises and the products you need and want may seem out of reach but retailers have decided to revitalize and old program to make your life easier. Layaway programs have been around for a long time. When the enconomy started to tank and credit cards were already maxed, the retailers decided to give layaway programs online a try.

There are a some big differences between layaway and credit card purchases. There is no need for any plastic when putting an item on layway. There is no interest charged. Sometimes there is a small layaway fee attached but it is no where near a 28 percent credit card rate.

Another difference is that you don't get the item until it is paid for in full. That means you can't immediately take it home. But the big plus is that when you do get it home, no bill is attached.

Cruise lines have always had a type of layaway program as you could pay on a future cruise a little at a time. Your cabin, impeccable meals and entertainment for the entire family plus the opportunity to visit exciting places are all available with small payments over paid over time.

Now entire vacation packages can be put together and paid on a layaway plan. Just think how much more relaxing a vacation could be without have to worry about the bills that would start appearing just shortly after you returned. Hotels, food and entertainment can all be purchased in advance.

Major department stores such as Marshall's, Kmart and Sears have instituted layaway. The are also many online layaway programs available such as eLayaway, which offers merchandise from Best Buy, Bass Pro Shops, Apple Stores and the Home Depot to name just a few.

The selection of merchandise for online layaway programs is phenomenal and provides for payments tailored to your situation. Each program does have its own policies but in essence offline and online layaway programs are about the same.

Take the time to review some of the items that are offered through layaway and really save yourself some money whether you are looking for engagement rings, holiday presents or back to school items.


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